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Historians the word over. Seem highly obsessed with Indian Heritage. A young entrepreneur in 1914 Mr. Abdul Hameed Khan visualised the blending of the two traditions in to his weaving at Aurangabad on his traditional handlooms. It is famous all over world as Aurangabad Silk. This begins gracing the shores of Moratius, Sri Lanka, Fiji and most European, Gulf and United States. Now we have most modem machines to weave bed covers, throws cushions covers, runner, place mats etc.

Navrang Group has been built on the foundations based on a legacy of skilled crafts manship and creative genius. Today the fourth generation of the family that once clothed the Nawabs of Hyderabad combined timeless traditions. The world wide demand for Indian Textiles, made-ups and natural stones, we founded Navrang International to capture the world market. The Navrang Group has its own quarries in Kamataka. Andhra and Maharashtra States. The group and its Associates has leading varieties of stones, and state of the art technology to cut and give the shape to the stone. The group has many world famous colour like Jet Black, Black Galaxy, Kashmir White, Ilkal Red, Raw Silk, Himaliyan Blue, Paradisso, Imperial Pink, Tiger Skin, Colombo Juprana.

Navrang has Marble in many reputed colours like Green, White, Forest Green, Pista White, J.L.O. We have White, Yellow. Red, Sand Stones. The products are Rough Blocks, Tiles, Slabs, Decorative Articles, Monuments, Pillars. Grave Stones, handicrafts, etc.

Navrang and its associates have state of the art technology to produce and export genuine leather articles, bags, jackets and portfolios.

In their endeavour they are assisted by a team of highly qualified professionals having depth know how of their respective job responsibilities and keeping pace with the International standard of true entrepreneurial and temperament.

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